Are Touchscreen Tablets Effective Design Tools?

I’ve been wondering this for sometime. They say that tablets and touch interfaces, like the iPad and the new Xoom, are going to be the wave of the future (see Microsoft’s Surface technology), and soon we will all be using touch interfaces. While this has yet to be proven for personal computing, does it hold true for industry professionals like designers?


Smashing Magazine, where the linked article comes from, is an online magazine discussing the more technical aspects of design, often focusing on web design and coding, as well as the way the web is viewed and built on various devices.

Unfortunately, this article addresses nothing about the question posited in it’s title. I was really looking forward to an article addressing the technical aspects of how designers design. I was looking forward to a discussion about how it stands now, including a talk about Adobe’s prospects on the iPhone/iPad.

But what you get is a stylus demo. Should you ever be in the market for one, look up this poorly titled article.